Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Photographers

One interesting aspect of the movie is how the man who took all of the underwater photos had to take many cameras with him just to take photos with different lenses. I thought that this was interesting because he was already having to swim far to get good photos, but he also had to bring a lot of cameras with him which must have been very difficult. Another interesting thing about the movie is how the photographers had to be immersed in cultures, even when they didn't speak the language. I thought this was very cool because it showed how difficult it is to be a photographer because their job is to show the culture of where they are but they often viewed as outsiders by the community. Lastly, one more aspect of the movie that I found interesting is how National Geographic gives the photographers the freedom to structure their own projects. I thought that it was really cool that National Geographic had so much trust in their photographers that they let them plan how they were going to accomplish their objective.

Intro to Levitation Photography

One thing that is needed to create a successful levitation photograph is a chair, stool, or a ladder. You need one of these things so that you can prop your model up off the ground.  Another thing to remember is to shoot somewhere where there won't be shadows of your model, stool (or chair or ladder). This is so you don't have to photoshop shadows out of the picture which apparently is difficult. Lastly, shoot multiple frames so that the image appears more realistic. Also, if the final photo has been comprised of more frames then the photo will look much more interesting.

Heaven, Dejon

Because I don't trust airplanes., redredhead

Getting Food, Sani GZ

One idea that I have for a levitation photo is something similar to "getting food" because I like food. I think that I could do something cool with the fridge and having a person and a milk container suspended in the air with some of the milk spilling out. Another idea that I have is; having a person being abducted by aliens. I think that this is pretty generic but would be fun to do nonetheless. A third idea that I have is; my dog jumping for the ball, but moving him up and making him look like he is dunking a basketball. I think that this could be fun photo that would take multiple layers.

The Art of Levitation
Levitation Photography Examples
Introduce “Levitation” Photography & Planning the shots

Reflections, Noah E-R

The world was a blur. Everything around me ceased to matter as I shot forward like a racecar down a track. I ran as fast as I could, but the faster I ran, the further it seemed to get away from me. My family screaming my name as I chased success. Finally, I was closing in on my target. Only a few more steps and I would be there. I got it! The little green ball that had been launched by my brother.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

History of Photography

During this project I learned that Photography dates back to the 1800s! I also learned that John Lennon was photographed by Annie Leibovitz hours before he was shot. Annie Leibovitz also is credited with some of the most famous cover photos of all time! Another interesting fact I learned is the VP-210 phone was the first phone with a camera and that it was meant to be a video phone so you could talk face to face kind of like FaceTime now. I also learned that photography began in France! I think that these things are important to my learning because I now know some of the background of photography which gives me a better understanding of it. I can also look at some of the techniques that I learned about and try to incorporate them into my work. It was great to learn about how photography has evolved because learning how the techniques have changed over time is really interesting and I think it will help me improve my photo skills!!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Photos with Quotes

To make the picture look unified I used a flowing font to go with the water. I also tilted the quote to make it go along the edge of the water. I also made the quote on of the colors that is in the photo. I believe that my photo and my quote go along with each other nicely. My design is unique because like I said before I tilted the quote so that it fit into the photo better. I tried to make the quote become part of the photo by moving it from the top of the photo to the water's edge.

I tried to bend the quote along the curve of the rive to make the photo and quote look unified. I also made the color of the quote the same color as the stones to make it fit into the photo better. I also tried to make the photo and quote fit together nicely by having them go along with each other. I tilted the quote as well as bend it to make it look unified as well as unique. The font style is also fairly calm to make the quote make sense. All of the colors in the photo as well as the quote are natural which gives it a calm and peaceful feeling. I also bolded the words "Patience" and "action" to give the quote more meaningful.

To make the photo and quote look unified I used a font that is in all caps which fits the energy of the photo. I also curved the quote in a downward arc so that it fit along the arc made by the players. I also made the color of the quote the same color as Paul's shoe. Unlike my other two photos I did not have to tilt this quote to make it fit into the the photo. However, I did change the color of the name of the man who said the quote to blue to make it fit into the photo better. The photo itself is unique but it fits well with the quote because they are both football related.

The two most important things that I learned during this project are first who to use adobe photoshop and second how to make photos more powerful by adding quotes. Learning how to use adobe photoshop has been great because I did not know how to use photoshop and I had often wished I knew how to use it. I am also excited to learn more about adobe photoshop now that I have a basic understanding of it. It was really fun learning the basics because now I can use adobe photoshop in more projects to make them better. I also really enjoyed trying to give photos like the one of the river more meaning by adding powerful quotes. It was also cool to add quotes to already fairly powerful pictures to amplify their meaning.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Food Noah Eckersley-Ray

Since his tenth birthday fifty-seven years ago the old man had spent each day of his life out on the ocean. He has sailed out of the harbor at 6:30 each morning for the past six years with only his golden retriever to keep him company for the new twelve hours. He and his dog spent the day checking traps, fishing, and trading with the other men at the docks. After fourteen hours away from home the old man would return home to his wife and a warm chowder of the previous day's catch and add his spare earnings from the day to the jar under his bed. Each day became harder and harder but his spirit never broke as he continued to fish and save. After one long hard day at the end of September the old man, his wife, and his dog disappeared from the small fishing town on the coast of Maine. They moved south where the towering pines were replaced with slender palm trees and the white snow changed to soft sand. The old man, his wife, and his dog spent the rest of their days in the sun eating the catch of the day at the small fish shack down the road. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

David Hockney Self Assessment

We were trying to communicate the craziness on the court while playing basketball. I believe that we were successful because the collage is very hectic and the everything is everywhere as it seems when you are on the court in a game. Our collage shows many different parts of the gym in many areas where they shouldn't be. I think we could have planned more though. There are a few areas that are a bit messy however the still conveys the message. Over all I believe that our message was effectively conveyed.

First, I learned that it is very important to step back and plan first then start. During this project I just started and didn't do that much planning which caused us to run into some problems that could have been avoided. Second, I think we should have taken a larger variety of photos. Many of our photos were very similar and if we had had a greater variety we could have made some designs. Third, I learned a lot about the cubist methods. I had never really learned about the cubist method of art and it was fun learning about it in a hands on way.